Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 NASA Nationals Wrapped Up

Well that was exciting.  Woke up early to find that my grid position was not all that bad!  10th overall and 3rd in GTS3.  The start was decent as I maintained my position.  We raced under green for a very short time before a GTS4 Porsche driven by Jay Matus flipped over.  Driver is ok.

About this time, my car started acting funny. Felt like a real bad misfire and it would not go away.  I even tried bumping curbs to try to get it to go away, but no dice.  So here I am running on 5 cylinders trying to maintain a podium finish.  We then got a double yellow which was good because it ate up time, but at the same time it was bad because it bunched us up.  I had gotten a decent lead at this point.  I was hoping the race would end on double yellow, but we got some NASCAR green-white-checker action.  I was able to get a good start and maintain somewhat of a gap.  On the last lap, the competition was closing in, but I was lucky to put a slower GTS4 car behind me and then make myself super wide so neither could pass me.  Being boxed in, the next in class car couldnt get by in the only area where I would be hurt real bad w/ 5 cylinders (Thunder Valley).  Once I made it through there, I knew I was good.  Took the checked in 3rd place!  Wish my car was firing on all cylinders so I could try to play with fellow friend and racer, Josh Smith. He ended up w/ a fairly banged up front end from an incident.

We all then proceeded to impound where there was some shuffling of positions.  P1 got DQd and I moved up a spot to 2nd!  That was a nice bonus!  Josh then moved up to Champion status.

Unfortunately I forgot the memory card in my camera, but I did live stream the race!  So this is all I got:

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