Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not so Secret Weapons for Nationals

In an effort to regain the lead in the bling bling spending wars between myself and Josh Smith, I decided to buy a sexy Bimmerworld Carbon Intake Box.  I was looking for a slight advantage here with increasing midrange torque and at the same time, adding a headlight duct to get some "off dyno" gains.  Ive run two events with this new modification and the car seems faster.  True test will come in about a week at Nationals.  Updates to come!

The dyno plot below is from an unrestricted tune that I have.   As shown, midrange power and torque rises a good deal.  The GTS3 detune pulls out the upper HP and leaves me with nice middle gains!  Unsure what added HP effect the headlight duct adds but even a few horsepower is better than nothing!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summit Point Testing Update

Last event before Nationals and th car felt more dialed in.  Changed up some spring and alignment settings for this event and the car seemed to handle the transitions better.  Overall I am happy going into Nationals and hope to have something for my competition.  Hoping for a MidAtlantic 1-2 between me and Josh.

Sunday results were not posted online, but Im linking from here.  I got super lucky on last lap traffic to get around Josh.

Sunday Summit Breeze Results

Monday, August 13, 2012

MCS Mid-Ohio Testing

So an update from the last post.  Went to MidOhio to get some testing done with these new MCS gizmos.  My initial impressions are that these shocks absorb imperfections in the track way better than my prior Moton Street Sport Doubles.  Im not a suspension engineer, but the valving profiles might be softer?  The only way I can describe it is that it feels like Im driving a "Cadillac" in that the car feels less upset and smoother.  This allowed for easier (and earlier) power application.  I toyed around with different rear spring rate and that can be apparent when you look at the Sunday video compared to the Saturday (oversteer central!)

I was not able to do a lot of testing since it was wet the first day but I did get enough time under the suspension to finish on the podium in 2nd place behind Josh Smith (who is also on MCS).  On Sunday, I finished the same, but due to a weight snafu, I was DQd!  First DQ ever by the way and it was something nutty (70# under prior day with exact same setup).  

So one more race weekend left before Nationals at Summit Point this coming weekend.  Im going to try to do some more testing and fine tuning.

Here are the race videos from the weekend: 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Weapons

Welp, I couldnt resist the deal MCS was giving GTS racers for Nationals.  (See here).

Will install and test at Mid-Ohio next weekend and report back my findings.  Hopefully positive as I seek to gain an advantage over the competition and try to win this thing!