Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 NASA Nationals Update

Day 1:  After turning some personal bests in warm up, things were looking super optimistic.  However, in a rush to grid for qualifying, a helper accidentally pushed my fire button.  I went out with AFFF foam spraying me in the face and qualified somewhere near last.  It did not matter, as the officials would DQ me for not having a fully charged fire bottle out on track.  So in the qualifying race, I would need to make up as many positions as possible.  In a SHORT 8 lap sprint, I made my way from dead last to about 18th.  Not too bad.

Day 2: Again, after some blistering fast warm up times, I was pretty excited for qualifying.  But again, I would have some random issue.  This time, I forgot to remove a wheel spacer, so my tires were rubbing.  A grid worked pointed it out at about 5 min to go and I was able to rush back to the garage to remove one spacer but no time for the other.  I managed to qualify 3rd in GTS3.  The race was pretty darn insane.  A strong, quick moving T-storm provided some interesting driving.  My windows fogged, my glasses fogged.  One of the main competitors in GTS3 gambled and went out on full slicks and came in before the race started which helps m greatly.  Managed to preserve a possible 7th overall finish and 3rd in class.  Will see what grid sheets say tomorrow!

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