Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Not so Secret Weapons for Nationals

In an effort to regain the lead in the bling bling spending wars between myself and Josh Smith, I decided to buy a sexy Bimmerworld Carbon Intake Box.  I was looking for a slight advantage here with increasing midrange torque and at the same time, adding a headlight duct to get some "off dyno" gains.  Ive run two events with this new modification and the car seems faster.  True test will come in about a week at Nationals.  Updates to come!

The dyno plot below is from an unrestricted tune that I have.   As shown, midrange power and torque rises a good deal.  The GTS3 detune pulls out the upper HP and leaves me with nice middle gains!  Unsure what added HP effect the headlight duct adds but even a few horsepower is better than nothing!

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