Monday, July 30, 2012

Just completed a weekend at VIR with Grassroots Motorsports UTCC (Ultimate Track Car Challenge) followed with NASA racing.

After finding success with laptimes at Summit Point the event before, I was looking on improving on my previous best laptimes.  With my unrestricted tune in place, I ended up firing off some low 2:03s!  My final time would end up being a 2:03.193 which was good enough for 12th overall out of 44 and 3rd fastest BMW behind James Clay's awesome E92 M3 and Steve Bassen's S54 E30.


On Saturday, I skipped qualifying since there was only 3 guys in GTS3.  Before the race, it rained and I had considered switching over to my intermediate tires.  In hindsight, I should have since in my haste of rotating tires, a hub centering ring got stuck on the hub.  Not knowing and thinking everything was torqued down, I lasted about 2 laps before my wheel almost fell off.  First DNF in a very long time :(

On Sunday, I decided to race unrestricted.  I ran in GTS4 and qualified on the pole. After snagging Josh Smith's GTS3 record at Summit, I was hoping to snag the GTS4 record from Omar Lopez.  Unfortunately, an out of class Porsche held me up.  Though I don't think I woulda made it happen anyways as these tires saw 2 UTCC sessions, 1 partial GTS3 race on Sat, qualifying on Sunday and now the race.  That was on top of the already 8-9 HCs on them!  The BFG R1Ss did great though and I came through with the win.

Stay tuned as I travel to MidOhio 8/10 weekend.  Hoping to test out some new secret weapons.  Soon to be disclosed here!

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