Monday, June 25, 2012

Hyperfest 2012

Hyperfest was packed and competitive as usual.  This year it was not as hot though and I was testing out some BFGoodrich R1S tires.  These are supposed to be similar to the Hoosier A6 compound.  They worked great on Saturday and I had a nose to tail fight with Josh Smith the entire race.  We both ended up turning laptimes within tenths of each other and with me snagging the track record over him by a mere 0.019 seconds.

On Sunday, I used the BFG R1S again, but they couldnt hold up to the stresses of a 40 minute race.  After briefly getting the lead from Josh, I got held up in traffic and he got by.  Never really could catch back up and he took the win.

Looking forward to VIR in July.  Battle again with Josh!

Video of Sunday Race:

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