Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bimmerworld Strapless Apparatus installed

Strapless goodness. Dont google that, all you will get are a bunch of sexy dresses. This part though is equally sexy. Bimmerworld has come out with a "strapless" pressure plate clutch package. Often known as the weak point of E36 and E46 pressure plates, the straps often snap. This unit utilizes a design which does away with those pesky straps. Add to that a lightweight flywheel, performance clutch and you have a great package. Not to mention, all parts are individually rebuildable! Spent the bulk of this day after New Years to install with the help of my BMW OEM parts pusher, Seth Weiner. Thanks Seth!

Definitely not a hard job to do, but a helping hand is invaluable when you have to support a heavy transmission. Actually Seth did most of the wrenching, but since I already had the Bimmerworld 3.5" Single pipe exhaust, there was not much to remove. The installation was pretty straightforward and actually ran into relatively few problems! No stripping of the old pressure plate bolts and everything came off easily. Installation was just as simple with the transmission lining up on the FIRST try! AMAZING. On prior clutch jobs, Ive always found myself trying to do this multiple times before I achieved success.

While the trans was out, I took the opportunity to replace the slave cylinder and the pivot pin/spring. Everything is bled. Did not reinstall the driveshaft and other associated components because I will be dropping the rear subframe to reinforce it, install solid mounts and my next secret weapon from Diffsonline !

Oh, I did think of one annoying thing. Prior owner used ATE Super Blue. How I despise the stuff. Don't believe people when they claim it wont stain your lines, or how it is so AWESOME for bleeding because it changes colors. BS! Dont believe it. We sell ATE, but if you must, get the gold over the blue. Better yet, get something like Motul RBF600 or Wilwood EXP600. Skip the blue.

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