Saturday, November 27, 2010

BMW wiring harnesses

No pictures for today's post, but just a note of gratitude to BMW for keeping their wiring harness for the NAV/Audio/Speakers/Bluetooth, etc ALL separate!!! This is MUCH easier than in the E36 where everything was all lumped together.

I got everything disconnected and loose except for the front door speakers. So tomorrow's plan is to remove the door panels, disconnect/remove the door speakers and yank this whole wiring harness. Sucker is heavy. Estimate is 10#s. Over/Under?


  1. E46 wiring harness complete is around 43 #.

  2. Nice. Now I have 1 week to find some "pretty" ballast before Road Atlanta. This place looks promising, but shipping heavy lead is never a good value. Anyone else have any other ideas?

  3. Try these guys:,2164.html